The 50% deposit is non-refundable & non-transferable. Due to the nature of the customized work, all sales are final. Scottieandcasie reserves the right to cancel an order without explanation, whereby the client would be 100% refunded.

Copyrights & Reproduction:

By submitting a photo, you are giving full permission to scottieandcasie for a rendering of the image(s) and subject matter showed therein. All reference photographs used for the creation of the portrait(s) must be free of all copyrights unless otherwise accompanied by a signed written release form by the photographer or owner of the copyright. The client is in full understanding and agrees that he/she will be held responsible for any legal action taken by others for use of material that is not free and clear of all copyrights.

All scottieandcasie artwork is commissioned for personal use only and may not be used for financial gain unless a prior paid License Agreement is made with scottieandcasie to purchase reproductive rights. If you’d like to use images of your purchased artwork for personal use such as a profile picture and not for financial gain, you may do so by crediting @scottieandcasie and linking back to our websites at, and/or Artwork purchased does not transfer copyright, thus cannot be used, reprinted, or reproduced for financial gain. Scottieandcasie retains full reproduction copyright on all artwork produced, whether commissioned or not, which may be displayed on the Internet and other social media and/or reproduced in the future.

All images, text content, and design layout on our website are Copyrighted. Copyright © 2016-2020 scottieandcasie. No images, text content or design can be used on other websites or social media without our written permission, whether or not you place an order.

No commissioned artwork will start until the 50% deposit, acceptable photos are provided, and acceptance of these terms and conditions are in place. By submitting your photo and order you FULLY accept and understand all terms and conditions above.