Hello from the Artist!

My name is CC and I'm an artist with a passion for dogs and fine art. Scottie and Casie are my two very precious furbabies (aka my two little weasels). It's amazing how much they've changed my life in ways unimaginable. 

One day, they really spoke to me with those big puppy dog eyes. I became so deeply inspired by them that I decided to combine my love for dogs and fine art and founded scottieandcasie.com in 2016.

I truly believe that fine art and dogs make people very very very happy. Seeing a commissioned scottieandcasie painting in person can be very moving - feelings of love, sentiments, memories, and emotions that you cannot describe.

It's a fact that art positively impacts our society, our communities and our homes. So it is incredibly rewarding for me to bring great happiness to pet owners around the world through the works of my art. 

Precision, Details, and Quality that Impress

I paint in the style of contemporary realism and love to focus on details and colours in the eyes. My pet portrait paintings are done using watercolour paints.

I take great pride in using the highest artist-grade quality media. This is very important because just like our love for our pets, I want my paintings to last for a lifetime and more.

Regular paints have a tendency to fade over time. The pigments in the artist-quality paints I use have superior lightfastness ratings that resist change in appearance over time and light exposure.

To make sure your paintings last forever, I paint on artist-grade paper that is chlorine and acid-free; this is essentially the equivalent of museum archival grade paper.

Pet Portrait Paintings

We understand that pets are truly our best friends, holding a very very special place in our hearts. From the time they join our families as puppies to the time when they've moved on and crossed the rainbow bridge, their little souls are with us furever.

Using your favourite photos as references, we put a lot of love, care and attention into each unique hand-painted portrait.

Because our portraits are customized to you, they will bring life to any room in your home, become conversation pieces, and make memorable gifts for your loved ones. We know that you'll love it!

Certificate of Authenticity

Each original scottieandcasie painting comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity verifying the authenticity and details of the original artwork. Included are also tips to ensure the longevity of the artwork.

For pricing and frequently asked questions, please see our FAQs.

Scottie, Casie, and I are super excited to learn about you and your pet to create a beautiful painting for you and your loved ones.



CC is the talented artist behind scottieandcasie pet portrait paintings. As a Canadian-born Prairie girl, who now resides in Vancouver, she's always been a passionate dog lover, a natural born fine artist, and a lover of making things with her hands.

CC has a Fine Arts degree, with 15+ years experience in painting originals and replicas using watercolours, oils and acrylics.


• Travelling to Hawaii each year

• Having fun, laughing, and being goofy whenever possible

• Meeting like-minded dog lovers around the world!



Scottie’s daily activities includes day-to-day operations of making sure mom stays inspired and that our work is top-notch. He can be a little serious sometimes, but seriously cute all the time! Scottie is very proud to come from a Champion bloodline pedigree. 

Scottie is a neutered 6.0-lbs standard AKC registered Yorkshire Terrier.


• Hiding his Himalyan Cheese Chews

• Entertaining mom with his tricks – not limited to rollover, clean up, play dead, jumping through hoops

• Keeping an eye on Casie and making sure she stays out of trouble

• Cuddling with mom and staring endlessly at her when he is hungry



Casie’s daily activities includes all things marketing related and makes sure mom stays on top of her Instagram posts. She can be very chatty and so is nicknamed Casie Howlie Berry. Casie is also very proud to come from a Champion bloodline pedigree.

Casie is a spayed 5.0-lbs standard AKC registered Yorkshire Terrier.


• Throwing antler chews off the sofa and getting mom to pick them back up

• Tearing up cardboard boxes and snacking on her poop (Yes - her own poop.)

• Entertaining herself endlessly by playing with Scottie’s toys

• Sitting pretty and fluttering her long lashes when she wants something

But enough about us. We'd like to learn more about you! Contact Us if you can't decide which photo to use. We'd be more than happy to help you pick the best one. 


"I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream." -Vincent van Gogh