Professional pet portrait paintings from photos are our passion. With years of experience in fine arts, we now specialize in painting pet portraits that beautifully represents the most important member of your family.

About the Artist

Canadian-born artist of Scottieandcasie is a natural-born artist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. Over the past 15+ years, she has painted originals and replicas using oils and acrylics. She is now painting using watercolor in combination with colored pencils, specializing in professional pet portrait paintings.

Scottieandcasie.com was founded in 2016 when she was deeply inspired by her two Yorkie muses, Scottie and Casie, to combine her passion for dogs and fine art.

About Scottie and Casie

Scottie and Casie are two standard AKC Yorkshire Terriers, also known as Yorkies. Scottie is a neutered boy, born in May 2014. Casie is a spayed girl, born in October 2015. They have their own Instagram account and have developed many meaningful friendships with several pals on Instagram.

In their spare time, they love cuddling, taking long walks, and wrestling each other. As the first child, Scottie has received more training and can do some impressive tricks such as “play-dead”, “rollover”, “sit-pretty”, and “clean-up-toys”. Casie who is the rambunctious little sister, is slowly learning some tricks. She can do a good “sit-pretty”, “sit”, “stay”, and “down”.

About Scottieandcasie Paintings

Unique and Customized Portraits

We understand that pets are truly our best friends, holding a very special place in our hearts. With this, we put a lot of care and attention into each portrait to render your favourite photo artistically and beautifully. Because our portraits are customized to you, they will brighten up any room in your home and make memorable gifts for your loved ones. We know that you’ll love it!

 Precision, details, and colours that Impress

Our style of painting is realism and the details and colours seen in our artwork are incredible. We use a combination of watercolour paints and coloured pencils, which are of the highest artist-grade quality. The pigments have superior lightfastness ratings that resist change in appearance over time and light exposure.

In addition, our watercolour paintings are created on professional artist-grade paper that is chlorine and acid-free. Our quality paper guarantees permanence, long conservation and inalterability over time.

For pricing and frequently asked questions, please see our FAQs. If you have any other questions about our customized dog portrait artwork, feel free to Contact Us.

“I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream.” -Vincent van Gogh

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