we create pet portrait paintings so beautiful

we secretly wish we could keep them for ourselves.

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Who is scottieandcasie?

Who is scottieandcasie?

Hello! We are Scottie and Casie – two AKC standard Yorkies representing our mama’s beautiful artwork! She was deeply inspired by us to combine her two greatest passions of dogs and painting.

And so, scottieandcasie.com was founded in 2016!

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7 Easy Steps

Step 1. Review price list and choose size of painting.

Step 2. Send us your photos.

Step 3. We discuss layout, background, and other details.

Step 4. Pay a 50% deposit and agree to terms and conditions.

Step 5. Receive updates on your painting.

Step 6. Pay final balance at 75% completion of your painting.

Step 7. Review final product and wait for painting to be packaged and shipped!


Like our love for our pets, our paintings last furever

The beauty and quality seen in our professional paintings are stunning. You can’t help but to stop and look. And then look again and again.

We take pride to know that viewers admire our work. When you can’t help but just stare. When you see with your bare eyes how the details pop out of our paintings.

You will fall. in. love.

So what does the highest artist-grade quality media on museum archival grade paper mean? Guaranteed permanence, long conservation and inalterability over time.

It’ll be a conversation piece for years and years to come.

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Like our love for our pets, our paintings last furever

Thank you Scottieandcasie for such an amazing, sentimental, beautiful treasure 

My brother and I wanted to do something special for our parents for Christmas. I found Scottieandcasie on Instagram and commissioned artwork of my parent’s dog and cat, Molly and PussPuss, who have both crossed over the rainbow bridge.

When it arrived and we all opened the package together it was a “tearfest” seeing how beautiful and life like it is.

If you’re thinking of getting something like this you really need not look any further than Scottieandcasie. I’ve already sent Scottieandcasie my yorkie’s photo and have referred several friends.

Thank you Scottieandcasie for such an amazing, sentimental, beautiful treasure 

Michele P
New Jersey, USA

The finished portrait is so special to me…I could not be happier

After seeing how beautiful the portrait my brother and I commissioned for my parents came out, I decided I needed to have one of my own baby, my Yorkie named Spike.

From the beginning picking out which photo to use, to the day it arrived on my doorstep, Scottieandcasie was helpful, professional, and absolutely fabulous to work with!

The finished portrait is so special to me… it’s a portrait of love- Scottieandcasie’s love that was put into creating it, my love for my baby boy, and the love that I will feel every time I look at it.

I could not be happier and have really cherished getting to know this amazing artist! ❤️❤️

Michele P
New Jersey, USA

just ecstatic with the results

I got a portrait done of my nephews and was just ecstatic with the results. Very talented.

Katarina J
Vancouver, Canada

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